Makeup is a world of it’s own. It also has a language of it’s own.

Some of the words or phrases used when referring to makeup or the process of applying it can be confusing or sometimes hard to understand so I wanted to have a place to translate the meaning.

Phrase/Word:Meaning:How it's used (In a sentence):
Apple of the cheeks (Noun)The round of your cheeks, most prominent when you smile"Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks"
Baking (Verb)Setting your undereyes, or other part of you face, with a thick layer of powder to brighten the area and ensure it stays in place. This term comes from when the powder sits on the face your natural body heat "cooks" the powder over the concealer to give a flawless finish"I baked under my eyes"
Beat/Beat face/Beatdown (Verb)To do a full face of makeup. Usually heavy, glam makeup"I beat my face today"
Blotting (Verb)Taking a tissue and pressing your lips onto it to prevent the lip product from transferring "Blotting the lipstick"
Brow bone (Noun)The skin just under your eyebrow and above your crease"Highlight your brow bone"
Buffing (Verb)To blend out very well "Buffing that into the skin"
Caked/Cakey (Verb)When your foundation or concealer begins to look thick or caked on the skin"My face looks cakey today"
Contour & Highlight (Verb)Using a darker shade than your skin tone to accentuate where you naturally have shading to slim down your face & using a brighter shade to brighten the high points of your face"I contoured & highlighted my face today"
Cupids bow (Noun)The skin just above your lip"Highlight your cupids bow"
Cut (Verb)When you sharp lines on the face or eyes"I cut my contour"
Cut Crease (Noun)An eyeshadow look where instead of the crease blending perfectly into the lid colors, it is a strong line that makes your eye apear larger and lifted"I did a cut crease with my eyeshadow"
De-pot (Verb)To take something (typically a powder product) out of it's original packaging "I de-potted all my old eyeshadows"
Fallout (Noun)When a powder product has excess product that falls from the brush"This eyeshadow has a lot of fallout"
FOTD (Phrase)Face of the day. It's picture of the makeup you have on that day, typically used to share what products you're wearing "This is my FOTD"
Hitting pan (Verb)When you've used a product so often that you can now see the bottom of the pan the product is in (Most typically used to refer to powder products)"I hit pan on my favorite blush"
Holy grail (Phrase)Your favorite product you always go back to"This foundation is my holy grail"
Inner Corner (Noun)The inner corner of the eyelid close to the tear duct"Adding the highlighter to the inner corner"
Instagram Brow (Noun)A very uniformed brow that fades from the front into a completely filled in sharp arch. "She has Instagram Brows!"
Instagram Makeup (Noun)The whole 9 yards. Glam, full coverage makeup. "Today I did Instagram Makeup"
Naked (Adjective)
A newer version of the "No makeup, makeup look". It just means to look natural while still wearing makeup"I did a naked look today"
Lash line (Noun)The skin just above your lashes"Apply the eyeliner to your lash line"
Lit (Adjective)Used typically about highlights, meaning it's very bright or turned out well."My highlight is lit"
"It's lit"
Ombre (Adjective)To fade from a one color to another, typically dark to light"I did ombre lips today"
On fleek (Adjective)To be on point"Eyebrows on fleek"
OOTD (Phrase)Outfit of the day. It's a picture of what you're wearing that day, usually to showcase your favorite fashion or jewelry pieces. "Today's OOTD"
OOTW (Phrase)Outfit of the week. It is pretty much the same thing as Outfit Of The Day except a collection of outfits from your week"This week's OOTW"
Outer V (Noun)The outer edge of your eyelid"Adding the eyeshadow to the outer v"
Ring lights (Noun)
A type of lighting usually used by professionals or makeup artists to have good lighting "I use ring lights for makeup"
Snatched (Adjective)Another version of "On point" meaning to do your makeup very well "She snatched her face!"
Stippling (Verb)Bouncing/tapping the product into your skin, typically done with a stippling brush "Stippling the foundation into the skin"
Strobing (Adjective)Highlight is very bright and/or blinding."My highlight is strobing"
Swatching (Verb)Testing out a product, typically swiping it on the back of your hand, to test it's ability or pigmentation."I swatched a palette today, the colors were beautiful"
Tightline (Verb)
Putting eyeliner on the upper & lower waterline "I tightlined with blue eyeliner"
T-Zone (Noun)The center of your forehead and done the bridge of your nose. Typically where most people get the oiliest "My t-zone is my problem area"
Waterline (Noun)The skin closest to your eye next to the tear duct"Putting the eyeliner on my waterline"


*This website is for entertainment. I am not a professional makeup artist nor do I have a cosmetology license. This is a website for sharing techniques and advice, there are no rules to makeup and these are just my suggestions and my approach to how I apply it.