Step-by-Step: Natural Dewy Makeup Look

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Step-by-Step: Natural Dewy Makeup Look

Today I wanted to do a Step-by-Step all about one of my favorite go to looks for the summer.

I feel like a really good summer look is a dewy, natural, naked look. Neutral tones with a natural finish. Not too much or too glam but enough to where all of the blemishes are hidden away and our natural features are enhanced.

I’ve found I can achieve this look with many different types of foundations and concealers, it’s really the powder products that I focus on. I’ve used a medium coverage foundation, letting my freckles peek through while still covering the redness of my cheeks or any pimples hanging around. A fuller coverage product covering all the spots that live on my face, giving more of a blank canvas to add color and life to.

Today we’re going to go step-by-step, product-by-product on how I achieve my every day summer look.

Prep & Primer

Prepping and priming the skin is a very important step in any healthy makeup routine, but especially important when it comes to the summer months. Keeping your skin hydrated will always improve the look of any products put on top. And Primer will help with the longevity and durability of  the products put on the skin.

I like to start of with a moisturizer, applying it to the skin and letting it sink in for a few minutes before applying any other products. I like taking the Garnier Fructis Refreshing Gel. It’s inexpensive and leaves the skin feeling hydrated.

For a long summer day’s I find my skin needs a very tacky, sticky primer. Something that grips the foundation and other products, not letting them slip or slide off of the skin. I love going in with the NYX First Base Priming Spray. It leaves the skin tacky to the touch. Foundations sink into the skin looking natural and wearing comfortable all day long.

Foundation & Concealer

My favorite foundation to use for this look is the Clinique Even Better foundation. It has a medium-full coverage finish. It covers up my redness and breakouts without completely covering up my freckles or moles on my cheeks. This is one of my favorite foundations, it never looks cakey or too much. It never settles into fine lines or creases. It always looks flawless and feels weightless on the skin.

I like taking a light-medium coverage concealer on days like this. Going my Maybeline Instant Age Rewind concealer under my eyes to hide away any dark circles and highlighting the area. Blending it into the foundation with my beauty blender.

Cream Highlighter & Contour

Cream products always helps me create more of a natural look. They help give my face structure so when I apply the powders over them, they blend in and enhance the features even more so.

At the same time cream products are amazing and do help with the overall look- they can be difficult to work with sometimes. They must be well blended, immediately. If they’re not blended right after application they can become difficult blend out and may begin to look streaky or patchy on the skin. I’ve had many time where I’ve not blended out my cream highlight before and it’s looked like an unblended strip on the top of my cheek. I find it’s easiest to go section by section, blending it out as I’m applying.

With a look like this I’m always looking for a highlight that is vibrant and at the same time natural. One that is going to give my face that natural glow I’m looking. I always find myself reaching for the Becca Cream Highlight in the shade Opal. These cream highlighters always blend out and sink into the foundation and concealer which helps make the overall look, look more natural. It’s a warmer highlight than I’m used to, it brings warmth to the skin and pulls light to the high points of my face.

For the contour I love going in with the Wet n Wild Cream Contour Duo Stick. It applies smooth and blends out into the skin bringing warmth to my face and making my cheekbones prominent.

Setting Powders

I’m always reaching for the same products to set my foundations and concealers for this look. The NYX Banana and Translucent powders are my ride-or-die go to’s when I know I want a natural finish.

The Banana powder always sets my under eyes perfect, not letting a crease appear while the Translucent powder sets the rest of my foundation, not letting it move but stay comfortable on the skin throughout the day.

Letting the shimmer of the highlight and the natural dew of the foundation continue to look natural on the skin while keeping them set in place.

I could go on and on about these powders- they’re definitely my favorites!

Bronzer & Contour

When I know I want my face to look natural and glowing I know I have to reach for my E.L.F Healthy Glow Bronzer. It looks so natural on the skin, no glitter particals or real sparkle to it but it leaves the cheeks with a subtle, sun kissed glow.

Following up the bronzer with a contour, I like going in the Wet n Wild Contour Palette. Taking the contour shade with a dense brush and creating shadows and pulling out my natural features.

I blend out any harsh lines with my allover powder, not adding any extra product.

Blush & Highlight

So far we’v used muted and matte tones. Nothing is popping or standing out, the skin can begin to look a little lifeless. We need something to bring color and life back to the face, this is when I go in with my blush and highlight.

I like taking my Revolution matte blush in the shade Fusion, focusing it mainly on the the high points and backs of my cheeks with a smaller brush. I picked this trick up from NikkiTutorials- She says this technique will help keep the face looking lifted. And I have to say, I agree.

Even with the color on the face, the look can look cab still feel flat and dull. It’s still missing the glow that the highlight brings. I took the powder highlight in the same shade of the cream highlight we used prior, Becca’s Opal. This will pull the undertones of that cream below together with the powders put on top. Using a large fan brush, I apply the highlight on all of the high points of my face. Tops of my cheekbones, down my nose, the point of my nose, my cupids bow, and above my eyebrows. The amount  and placements of the highlighter is going to give the face the dewy glow desired.

Eyebrows, Eyeshadows & Mascara

I keep my eyebrows as simple as possible with this look. Not creating too full of a shape, just going in to make sure that both eyebrows match each other. I like going in with my NYX Micro Brow Pencil, it mimics natural hair stokes and the spoolie brush on the other end helps keep the shape in form.

I also like to keep the eyes simple. Using minimal shadows and different techniques to create a more open, wide eyed effect. Taking a taupe, nude shade on a blending brush working it in just above the crease, to create a deeper crease and more of a wide eyed illusion.

Another technique I often use for more open eyes is to take a more subtle, natural highlight, or, a brighter eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eyes and brow bone. The subtle highlight will help bring light to the eyes, making them pop and the color of them stand out more. I went in with the Revolution Baked Highlight in Radiant Lights. With a light hand this shade will attract light without being too much on the eyes.

I curled my lashes and put on a coat of my all time favorite mascara, the Two Faced Better Than Sex mascara. It lifts the lashes and giving them volume. This will also help open the eyes even more.


This look can be complimented with so many different lip colors. I’ve done it with brighter shades, reds or corals, or more muted tones like nudes and pinks.

I like to balance out the lip color with what I’m wearing that day. Since my shirt had a lot of nude shades in it I decide I would go with a nude lip. I also wanted to keep the look pulled together, everything on a similar color palette. Letting my natural features be the stand outs. No bright colors popping amongst the others.

I went in with two different shades, both the Forever 21 Lipstick Crayons, in the shades Natural and Nude. Both shades mixing together for the finishing touch to complete the look. These lipsticks are creamy and have more of a glossy finish. It tied in with the glow on the rest of the face.

Setting Spray

Setting sprays are an important last step for any summer look. They lock everything in place, and they help powders melt into the skin for a more natural finish.

On days where I want my skin to glow even more than usual, I will reach for the Revolution Illuminating Fixing Spray. it sets everything into place and helping it’s longevity.


I hope you enjoyed this Step-by-Step tutorial and found it helpful! I will be doing more soon, so let me know what you’d like to see from me next!

Until next time,


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