Review by Product: Hard Candy Metallic Mouse Lips

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Review by Product: Hard Candy Metallic Mouse Lips

I have been on the hunt for a really good, inexpensive metallic lip product. And after weeks of searching I believe I have finally found one.

A lot of drugstore brands have been stepping up their game when it comes to out-of-the-box or more ‘mainstream’ products lately. From highlighters and beauty blenders to liquid lipsticks. But one product I kept seeing only on the high-end shelves were metallic lips. I desperately wanted to get my hands on them but I didn’t want to have to splurge for it.

I began looking all through drugstores and I was surprised to see that Hard Candy was one of the first drugstore brands to have metallic lips. Six shades ranging from nudes, to pops of colors and even a  few neutral shades. They’re super inexpensive, $6 for 0.22 FL OZ (Compared to NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks at 0.13 FL OZ for $7).

I knew I had to do a review on this product the second I applied it. The performance blew me away for such an inexpensive product and such an underrated brand. I went out and bought all 3 shades available at my local Walmart; Truffle, Smoke & Bones, & Queen of Hearts.


The application of this product is very smooth. They apply creamy and give you time to work with them before they completely dry down. They don’t have any scent and I haven’t noticed them staining my lips, which I sometimes struggle with when it comes to certain colors in lip products.

The handle gives me good control and the shape of the wand allows me to fill the lips in comfortably while also doing fine detail. Many brushes I’ve used with lip products are shaped too large and it is difficult to get in the corners of my lips without over-drawing or messing up. A wand like this let’s me create any shape I want.


This product has tiny glitter particles mixed in the formula to give off the metallic shine. If you aren’t crazy about glitter in your makeup, you may want to stray away from this product. They have a velvet/satin finish, staying comfortable on the lips and in place all day long. I never noticed the product bleeding or losing any glitter.

I find that the pigmentation work better with layers. Especially with their more vibrant and darker shades, my natural lip color was peaking through. They layer well, not flaking or clumping together. The second layer applies smoothly- I do want to note that I added the second layer immediately after the first, not letting the first layer dry down completely.


Once the product dries down it doesn’t really move. The first day I wore this lip I was shocked by how long it stayed on my lips. I drank water straight from a bottle and it didn’t rub or flake off, even in the inner edges of my lips. Talking didn’t disturb the product, either. It stayed intact and comfortable on the lips until my first meal.

After having an oily lunch my lips were clearly in need of a touch-up. The entire middle parts of my lips had become completely bare, leaving only the very outer edges intact.

My next application I was more careful with my meal, cutting every bite down to smaller pieces. I still noticed through the meal a little wear and tear on the inner parts of my lips, not as bad as before, but still noticeable. So, while these do stand up through most things, it seems you should always have it in your purse for a touch up after a meal.

Overall I think the wear of this product matches with most other lip products I’ve tried from the drugstore, and maybe even a little better.

I definitely recommend trying out this product if you are looking for a nice and inexpensive metallic lip!


Well, there you go! That is my review on the Hard Candy Metallic Mouse Lips! I hope this post helped you out on your search for drugstore metallic lips!

Until next time,

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