5 Tips for Buying Makeup on a Budget

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5 Tips for Buying Makeup on a Budget

It’s no secret, makeup is expensive!

I’ve found myself, many times, spending wayyy more than I should. But… I just can’t help it! The palette is screaming my name!

So, over the years I’ve picked up tips and tricks on how to get everything I want, while still being budget-friendly and I wanted to share them with all of you!

1. Keep up with current ads & coupons

Ulta, CVS, Walgreens & most other stores will have current ads that you can find online that will give you their current deals & coupons. Kroger often hands out coupons along with receipts, some being for cosmetics so I always keep an eye out for those. Before going to the store, I check to see what deals are currently going on, making sure I’m saving all that I can.

Target and Walmart have apps that are helpful. Target’s is named Cartwheel. It lists products and brands that have sales and/or discounts going on at the moment. You can sync up your location to be sure you’re getting the best offers in your area.

Walmart’s app doesn’t list discounts or sales, but they do have a very helpful device. In the app you can scan in your Walmart receipt, and if they’re within a week of the purchase date you can submit it to their “Savings Catcher”. If they find any cheaper prices around you, they’ll give you the money back on an E-Gift Card. I’ve saved over $40 from scanning in my Walmart receipts. I put all of it towards makeup, making sure I’m not using any extra cash from my bank account.

If I’m online shopping, some places will have a “Sign up & get _% off your first purchase!”  and that always helps. But, if you’re still looking for discounts- I have you covered! Right here, on my site, I have a whole page dedicated to coupon codes from YouTubers, for your favorite online stores. You can check them out here!

2. Become a Rewards Member

Racking up reward points is the best thing you can do when it comes to saving money. Walgreens discounts usually say “with card” meaning without it, you won’t be getting the most of the deals. Ulta’s point system will amount to dollars off of purchases. The more you buy there the more points you get back.

Rewards Members will sometimes also get you some extra perks that non-members don’t! You can get gifts, limited time offers, early access to certain sales, exclusive content, etc. They’re typically free and easy to sign up for, and believe me, they’re worth it!

3. Find which stores have the best prices

I have found that if I’m looking for anything high-end, I’ll check Ulta and department stores, comparing prices. I don’t often see high-end brands having many sales or discounts. Sometimes on their individual sites you will see a “Get 10% off your first purchase” or something along those lines, but, other than that, I see very few if any.

When it comes to the Drugstore, there are many different places to compare prices; Ulta, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. When you’re trying to save money on makeup you have to think of a lot of different things. For example, I can get a mascara for a cheaper price at Walmart vs Ulta. But, whatever I spend extra at Ulta would add to the points on my profile.

While it is important to stay conscious of who has lower prices, it may be more convenient for you to get the points at Ulta so you can get dollars off of a high-end purchase later on. 

4. Do your research & avoid unnecessary purchases

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up something because it looked cool in the store, only to discover when I get home that I dislike, or even hate the product. While a lot of places will accept returns of cosmetics even after the product has been opened, it’s still a lot easier to avoid the whole ordeal by doing proper research before the purchase.

You want to read or watch more than one review on the product. If it’s a foundation or something that interacts with your skin, make sure the reviewer has the same type of skin as you. With any other product just make sure, it’s advertising exactly what you’re looking for and that it follows through. Even if you’re sure you will love what you just got, keep the receipt! It may not work with your skin, it may not be exactly what you’re wanting, it may be a default product, etc. Whatever the case, keep the receipt until you’re sure it’s going to work out for you.

5. Limit yourself

It’s so very easy to see something you want and not stop until you have it in your hands. The newest highlighter, the foundation everyone is talking about, the mascara promising all the volume, and everything else! As many impulse makeup purchases as I’ve made, I’ve learned that when I’m desperately wanting something, I have to look at my collection and ask the hard question of “Do I need it?”

I try to prioritize what is the most needed. Obviously, if a staple product is almost out, or if something isn’t a part of my collection yet, that comes first. For instance, if I have 3 mascaras but I’m almost out of eyeliner and a new mascara is out in stores that I want, I know the eyeliner is more important.

If you already have 5 foundations and a new one comes out, try and finish one you already own before going out and getting the new one. If I’m really trying to save as much as I can I will put what I want on a list, and in a month if it’s still something I REALLY want, I know it’ll be worth it.

Alrighty! Those are all of my tips for today!

I hope this post helped you learn some money saving tips when it comes to makeup!

Until next time,

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