My 3 Spa Night Necessities!

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My 3 Spa Night Necessities!

We all love a good Spa Night, but, we rarely ever even get to have them!

Of course, our busy lives get in the way, but, that’s the point of a Spa Night! To relax and get away from the craziness that we deal with daily.

Just yesterday I sat down and decided to have a long and relaxing Spa Night and I thought I’d share some of my favorite things to do for the occasion!


1. Relaxation

Think about what makes you feel most relaxed. For me, I love starting off the night by having a nice smelling candle near- Lavender is a great scent to have filling the room since it’s a very relaxing scent.

Get yourself a good TV show or music playing in the background, something you find enjoyable and relaxing. If you prefer silence you can turn on a noise machine to block out any outside noises from intruding on your night.

When I think of relaxation, I always think of a warm bath and since Spa Night is all about going the extra mile, I use bubble bath, bath salts, & a bath bomb to create the most soothing and relaxing bath that I can. Lush is my favorite place to buy bath bombs, but, another brand that I like is Ulta. They have quite a few bath products and reasonably priced bath bombs!

I will bring my iPad with me, sitting it next to the tub, so I can continue to watch my TV show. But, sometimes, I find it more relaxing to have ambient music playing quietly and reading a book while I unwind.


2. Skin & Haircare

Another part of Spa Night is to make sure you’re taking good care of yourself. We all fall behind on our skin & haircare from time to time. Forgetting to put in our hair treatments or skip washing our faces every now and then. But on nights like these is when we get to catch up!

Starting off with my hair. I love using the OXG Renewing + Argon Oil & Morocco hair mask. I work it into my hair, following directions. Then I’ll put it up in a clip so it’s out of the way. I find that this hair mask makes my hair silky smooth and leaves behind a nice scent.

For skin masks there are different ways you can go about it. You can do a sheet mask, mud masks, detoxing clay masks, etc. I find it best to assess my skins situation and see what it’s needing. If I’m having a bad break out I’ll reach for an acne fighting sheet mask or if I’m needing something soothing I’ll reach for a calming mud mask, so on and so forth.

I find it best to put these on while my tub is filling up. Letting it sink in to my skin and hair while I relax in the warm bath.


3. Grooming your face

I find once I’m out of my bath, washing my hair and removing my face mask, I like to get into my pajamas sit down at my vanity and pluck my eyebrows. It’s Spa Night, it’s all about giving yourself the salon treatment! I try to keep up with my brows regularly, but, I can fall short. Sometimes I’ll go weeks at a time forgetting to pluck or trim them.

But, on Spa Night, I feel, is a good time to sit down and take care of them. Using a spooley brush to brush them upward, then taking scissors and cutting the excess off. I try and let my eyebrows grow in as thick and as natural as possible while still looking uniformed.

I will also take an eyebrow razor and go over the rest of my face with it. It’s great to remove the peach fuzz around your lip and on your cheeks- Usually, if you’re makeup ever looks cakey or patchy on the skin, it’s because of the little hairs on your face. An eyebrow razor will remove the hairs with no pain and very quickly. You want to make sure you always moisturize well after using the razor. Your skin can become itchy and uncomfortable afterwords if you don’t.


There you have it! Those are all my favorite things to do on my Spa Nights!

I hope you enjoyed reading through this post! If you wanna know more on my brow routine you can check out a video all about here!

Until next time,

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