Step by Step: Easy Cut Crease

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Step by Step: Easy Cut Crease

Today we are doing a step-by-step tutorial for an easy cut crease look! I used to always struggle with cut creases. They seemed complex and complicated and so hard to achieve. But, over time I’ve picked up some tricks and techniques that always give me a great result and I wanted to share them with you guys!

I already did my face makeup and eyebrows, if you’d like a step by step tutorial for those, let me know!

Step 1: Primer

Primer is essential to a perfect cut crease. A primer is going to make sure that everything blends well and doesn’t transfer from lid to crease or vice versa. That used to be my main problem. Having hooded eyes every time I opened my eyes wide the colors would transfer from my lid to crease. It led to a sloppy mess of a look that lost it’s cut lines so it just seemed like it wasn’t blended enough.

While cut creases are where the line separating the crease and lid is prominent and not blended out in the usual manner- the look still requires LOTS of blending. You want everything on the lid to blend together, and everything on the crease to blend together, but the lid and crease should not mix into each other. A good primer will always give you the best base for blending and it won’t let shadows bleed into one another.

Step 2: Base eyeshadows

I set down the primer with a translucent powder- this will take away the tackiness of the primer letting shadows blend swiftly over it. Sometimes if the primer is still tacky, your brush can stick or skip patches.

Then I went with Painkiller from the Too Faced Power of Makeup palette in my crease- any soft taupe color will work. On my skin tone, that color is perfect to give depth to my eyes. You can change the tone of the shades to match best for your skin tone.

Instead of putting the crease color in the hollows of my crease, where I normally would, I move the brush up just a bit. This will give the affect that my eyes are lifted more than they are. It will make my lid appear larger.


Step 3: Cutting the crease

A cut crease is a lot of layers. You start with your lightest shade, blending it out to a natural fade, then taking the next shade, blending it out, and so on and so forth until your final layer. I used all colors for my crease from Juvia’s Place The Nubian palette. Starting with the 3rd shade in the top row, a warm color that blend to look natural on my skin. Then going in with the 2nd and and last shade on the bottom row of the palette, building them on top of each other to create the fading effect.

You want to make sure you’re blending each color into the other, letting them work together to build the shape you’re going for. Today I created a wing shape. I find that gives the best effect for my hooded eyes. Wings help lift the eyes, making them look bigger.

Once you have all of the colors blended out they should look like this. Notice how the darkest shade fades into the one before that, and they all fade into the lightest shade.

I now have created a “new crease,” it being higher than my natural crease lifts the eyes to look wider and gives more room for the lid.




Step 4: Cutting the lid

Using a cream concealer with an angled brush, apply to the entire lid, taking the brush a tiny bit farther up to meet the new crease we’ve created with the eyeshadows.  You want your concealer to be cream because a liquid would get a little too messy. Taking the brush a tiny bit farther up to meet the new crease we’ve created with the eyeshadows.

Immediately setting this with a translucent or skin tone powder, I reached for my foundation powder. Setting the concealer is going to ensure it doesn’t move or crease at all, and it will also help for a smoother application of the colors put atop.

Step 5: Coloring in the lid

Take a shimmery bronze eyeshadow on a flat brush and putting it over the outer edge of the lid. I went in with my Juvia’s Place Masquerade Palette and the color Casablanca.

Wanting to keep the line of the crease sharp, I went back in with the brush I used before and applied a bit more of the darkest shade, blending it out so it faded with the rest of the crease colors and kept the crease line defined.

Then, on another flat brush I got two shades from The Nubian 2 palette, Zuri and Nefertiti, mixing them together to create a light-golden shade, and applying them to the center of the lid, where we left blank previously.

Juvia’s Place eyeshadows blend very easily, so blending these colors together is effortless. You want to make sure that the lid shades stand out on their own, but have no unblended lines between them.


Step 6: Finishing touches with shadows

Adding Giza from the Masquerade palette to my inner corner brings light to such a warm look. Having such a blinding highlight in the inner corner of your eye will bring the attention to that area, creating a more rounded, wide eyed effect to the eyes.

Then with a small, flat top brush I took each shade I used in my crease to blend out lightly on my lower lash line. This will give the eyes depth, and help pull the look together. If the lower lash line is left bare, it can sometimes make the lid look heavy and cloud over the rest of the face. This shadowing will create a more open-eye look.

Lastly, when it comes to a look that need precise lines you never want to forget about the outer v of the eyeshadows. I find that if they aren’t sharp, the eyeliner won’t look as crisp as it should. So I take an angled brush with some concealer and go over the outer v.

Step 7: Eyeliner & Mascara

Wanting to keep this look simple when it comes to eyeliner, I gave it a very thin wing. Following the shape I created with the eyeshadow. This will bring life to the eyes helping them look more awake.

Then going in with an eye brightening liner on the waterline will give the appearance of more awake and open eyes. With darker colors on the lid and lower lash line, this bright color on the waterline will help the darker colors pop and give the eye more of a defined look.

Wanting the mascara to pop with the rest of the look, I went in with my Maybelline Push-Up Drama mascara, adding 2 coats to give them full volume. On my lower lashes I went in with the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. I find that brush works best on my lower lashes. Paying attention to each lash, giving off a full-lash effect.


I paired it with a my NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in the color Teddy. I found it complimented it well without taking any of the focus off of the eyes.

Here’s what else I have on my face:

Foundation: Rimmel London Perfect Match foundation

Highlight: Revolution Shimmer Brick

Brows: NYX Brow promade


And there you go! I hope you all enjoyed this step-by-step tutorial and found it helpful!

Keep checking back for another post soon!

Until next time,


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