5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Wearing Makeup

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5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Wearing Makeup

I’ve been wearing make for around 7 years now. I feel like I am always learning something new or discovering something different everyday. I also have picked up many tips and tricks along the way that I wish I’d known earlier.

As I’ve said before, makeup can be so complex. It’s been around for thousands of years and has evolved quickly and changes often. But there are always the basic rules that come along with the idea of wearing makeup. Makeup is art, it is a way for you to express yourself, but like with any other form of art that involves our skin, it needs to be done properly.

These are all the things I’ve learned that I wish I knew in the beginning. But, hey, you live and you learn.

1. Makeup expires

I feel like this is shock to most people, it definitely was to me. I don’t know why I’d never thought of it before. Makeup, like any other genre of products we use on our skin, will eventually not be good to use anymore. Not only will it no longer be good, but it could be dangerous to use.

It is very important to keep up with products expiration dates to make sure you aren’t using anything harmful or expired.

When I first learned that makeup expired I thought of all the products I had in my collection for months if not years. I began to worry that if any products I’d had longer than “usual” would be unsafe to use anymore. It is good for you to go through your collection every 6 months to a year and clean out what has expired or what you aren’t using anymore.

I was very happy to learn that most products will have a symbol showing you how long you have after the product is opened before it expires. Unopened products are not usually where bacteria grows.

Another question I had was “How do I keep up with how long I’ve had everything?” I’ve found the easiest ways are you can keep a journal with your makeup, just marking what month you got which product, or, you can take some scotch tape put it on the product and with a sharpie write the date you opened it.


2. How you store your makeup is important

In my younger makeup days I would put my makeup just about anywhere. The bathroom drawers, on my desk in front of my window, or tucked away in some other corner. It wasn’t until the last few years I really learned the importance of storing my makeup properly.

You want to keep your makeup in dry, dark, and cool places. Heat, humidity and harsh lighting can not only affect the lifespan of your makeup, but it can also affect its bacterial growth.

3. Brush care matters

For years I’d use the same brushes every day and not clean them once. I would open new brushes from their packaging and use them immediately without even running water over them. Not for lack of caring, but for lack of knowledge. I had no idea that dirty brushes could attract bacteria just like expired product.

Dirty brushes can bring their bacteria to your brand new products and affect its longevity, as well.

Not only should you clean your brushes regularly after a lot of use, but you should always clean your brushes after you first open them. New brushes tend to smell chemically and unnatural and need to be cleaned well before being put near your makeup or especially your skin.

This also goes for Beauty Blender/Makeup Sponges! While they can be more difficult to clean, it’s still very important to do.

Brushes and other makeup applicators should be washed twice a month or every 2 weeks.

4. Skincare has to come first

I neglected my skin SO much in the beginning of my makeup journey. When I was younger I could not have cared less about makeup removal or taking care of my skin. I thought it was just too much and unnecessary. Boy, was I wrong!

I would maybe put on a SPF moisturizer, IF I remembered it and wanted to. Washing my face and acne wash was not introduced to me until I was almost 15.

It wasn’t until I was 17 that I really began to take care of my skin the way I needed to. I would use whatever face wash my sister or I deemed good enough to choose at the grocery store, any moisturizer I could find for cheap enough, and any makeup wipes sold at Walmart.

Now, I have a skincare regimen I’ve stuck with for a year now. An exfoliating face wash, a pore fighting cleanser and an acne wash. I’ll use a face mask every few months, aimed toward what I think my skin needs at that time. I use a daily moisturizer and, most importantly, I try and drink enough water!

5. Makeup has no rules

I feel like when most of us enter the world of makeup we’re told what to do and not to do, and while it’s nice to have guidelines and knowing the proper way to do things, it sometimes can become a rule book of what you can & can’t do.

I spent so much of my life doing natural colors and muted tones because I was told that you only ever wear bright colors in the summer or to a special event. You only ever wear bold makeup if you’re going out or on a date, etc. I never felt as if I could wear what kind of makeup I wanted to because it was against the rules.

Not only against the rules of the people I was learning from, but also in society’s eyes. We see so much makeup shaming in the world and it can be so overwhelming. To be told that boys don’t like bold eyebrows therefore you shouldn’t do that anymore. To be told that you should wear less makeup because you’re hiding who you are.

That’s not what makeup is about. Makeup is art. Makeup is self expression. It isn’t something anyone should be ashamed of. And it isn’t something anyone can control except the person wearing it. That is definitely something I wish I knew when I started wearing makeup.


Thank you to everyone for checking out my post, I hope it helped you learn something or saved you the trouble of having to learn it the hard way!

Check back soon for more posts!

Until next time,

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