Journey to Healthy Hair! My Tips & Tricks

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Journey to Healthy Hair! My Tips & Tricks

I’ve always struggled with hair loss. Every year or so my hair thins out and begins to shed in large strands. I’ve always tried to keep my hair healthy, washing it regularly and well,  always conditioning and using treatments every so often.

But still, my hair would continue to fall out. We’ve all heard that “Stress makes your hair fall out,” and I agree. Of course it is important to try and keep your life as stress free as possible, but there comes a point where a certain amount of stress is a normal occurrence, so saying “Just don’t stress!” isn’t a viable option.

I began searching the internet looking for tips and tricks for healthier hair and these, mixed in with some of my own tips, are what has worked to get my hair back to being healthy!

1. Haircare regimen aimed toward repairing your hair & sticking to it:

Late 2015 my hair was so damaged by the consistent heat that I put it through, it was lifeless, and never had any volume or bounce.

I’d been seeing the commercials for the new Repair & Protect line by Pantene with Selena Gomez- which let’s face it, has perfect hair. It promoted strong, healthy hair, bringing it back to life, fixing it’s damage and continuing to protect it and keeping it’s strength. I used the pair along with their Repair & Protect Overnight Miracle Serum which I truly felt helped my hair the most.

After weeks of the same routine my hair began to feel and look healthier like it once had before. But then I felt as if I’d fallen into hair-limbo, where my hair was healthier but not as healthy as I wanted. It felt thicker, but not as thick as I wanted. But the problem was I didn’t know what to do next. I began to think of what I could be doing differently. “My hair feels repaired,” I thought to myself “So what now?”.

I decided to head to the store and see if I could find product a that’s aimed at making it stronger, healthier and thicker instead of repairing what had already been repaired. I first found OGX Renewing+ Argon Oil of Morocco, it claimed it would keep your hair soft and silky smooth while strengthening every strand. “That’s what I need!” I almost said out loud in the middle of a Walmart aisle.

When I saw the price of the item in my hand I realized their must be a cheaper alternative. You got 13 fl. Oz for nearly $6. I almost put it in my basket telling myself “Healthy hair is worth the extra cash,” when my eyes glanced over and saw that Equate Beauty had a very similar product. Argon Oil Shampoo. I looked over the ingredients of both bottles and most of them added up, they were in a different order but almost all of them were there. The biggest difference is Equate’s bottle was 33 fl. oz 1(L) for the exact same price. I picked it up along with it’s matching conditioner, hoping it would perform the same as the name brand. Over the next few weeks my hair had never felt so good. It was thick, soft, strong, healthy, and had it’s bounce back. My hair hadn’t felt so thick and healthy since I was 13 years old.

2. Give your hair a break:

For the past 3 months I’ve not used heat on my hair and it’s showing. I’ve always been scared to not straighten my hair because my natural hair is very curly. If you sleep on natural curls, especially if they’re wet when your head hits the pillow, you will wake up with a mess on your head. I knew this all too well, from the many days of sighing at the tattered mess framing my face,  having to put it up in a bun due to it’s appearance.

I was trying to think of ways to get around the problem when the easiest fix to the problem popped into my mind; “Just shower after I wake up s0 I don’t let my sleep flatten or mess with my curls”. Since my hair has gotten thicker and is more than shoulder length, I sometimes run into the problem of having to head to work with a head of still wet hair from 2 hours prior. I can’t use hair dryers because of the heat it would be putting on my hair, and for the lack of patience, so I am stuck with letting it air dry.

I now schedule my days either around my work schedule. Either making sure to wash it the day before, or I wake up early enough to let it dry before I have to head out. To preserve curls, if you’re an every-other-day-hair-washer like myself, is to collect your hair on the very top of your head and put it in a messy bun. I use a loose hair tie or even a scrunchy to avoid the crimp that buns sometimes leave behind.

3. Putting egg in your hair (& some other out of the box ideas):

We need to demolish the idea that only the things that sound ‘normal’ are the only ones to work. Every time I tell people I put egg in my hair I get the same facial expression with a “Really??” or a “Why?” and even after explaining they don’t seem to understand why on earth I’d do such a thing. And, to be honest, the first time I heard of it I had the same thoughts. But after trying it, I was a believer.

I do this regimen about every 3 weeks to once a month. For my length of hair (just below my shoulders) I use one egg and 1 tsp of olive oil. Once they’re mixed together I stand in my bathroom over my sink- side note; I don’t recommend wearing a shirt you care about as you will most likely get egg, dried or not, on it. I separate my hair into 3 sections, as every hair tutorial on Youtube has taught us to do, and comb through my hair- the absolute last thing you want in your life is tangles and eggs in your hair at the same time.

You can go about the getting  of the egg from the bowl to your hair in many ways, but the easiest I’ve found is to just scoop it right out with my hands and begin on the ends of my hair working my way up and massaging it into my scalp lightly. I’m generous with the amounts I use on each section. I’m usually left with some egg mixture left over after covering my entire head, which I usually use to make sure the back of my head is as covered as the rest (I always miss that area more than not).

I let it sit in my hair for 25-30 minutes, doing my morning routine while waiting. Once the time is up, the egg has completely dried and my hair feels crunchy.  I use warm,but not hot, water to rinse it out of my hair, just letting the water wash it away. Once I can run my fingers through my hair without running into any rough or dried egg spots, I take shampoo and wash my hair very well. I make sure to scrub my scalp very well to make sure it’s clean and no egg remains.

You can skip your usual conditioner that day if you’d like. For me, my hair still doesn’t feel as soft as I’d like when I skip it so, I do a small amount (about half as much as I’d usually do) focusing more on the ends of my hair. Afterwards my hair is so soft and thick. My curls are more weighed down and not as bouncy but that only lasts until my next washing.

After months of keeping up with this routine I am the happiest I’ve ever been with my hair. So many people comment about how healthy it looks and how much thicker it’s gotten!

Those are my tips for getting healthier hair! I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave any comments with questions or recommendations about what I should talk about next!

Until next time,

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